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Mood Enhancers

Sometimes when you feel sad or irritable, turning your mood around seems almost impossible. But following the simple dietary habits can show an improvement in your mood. Along with that, natural mood enhancing herbs or chemically modified mood-enhancing supplements can do the wonders. Usually, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin are three hormones that make a person feel happy, satisfied and peaceful. If any of these are in the low level, the result is psychological stress, which usually leads to mood swings. Here, read about the best natural mood enhancers and chemically made formulas to improve your mood. Also know how these mood enhancers affect a person, how much is a standard dose, what is the right way to use them, what are the dangers of overdosing and other common questions.

Usage Of Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea Benefits, Side-effects, Dosage & Reviews

Before taking any drug or medication, be it herbal, antibiotics, mood stabilizers, or nootropics, it is necessary to do proper research so that one...
St. John’s wort For Anxiety

How To Use St. John’s wort For Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety and depression are the common epidemics, nowadays. Every person is suffering from stress in the modern mechanical world of today. There are numerous...
Adrenal Fatigue Supplements

Top Adrenal Fatigue Supplements Reviews

It’s okay when your energy drains, and body feels muscle fatigue after a long tiring day at the office. However, it is not normal...
Benefits of Sam-e

What Is Sam-e Used For? Benefits, Side-Effects, And How To Take?

Scientifically SAM-e is termed as S-adenosylmethionine, ademetionine or 1, 4- Butanedisulfonate or toluene sulfate. However, the standard name for S-adenosylmethionine is SAM-e or SAM. SAM-e...
dopamine supplements

4 Natural Dopamine Boosters To Enhance Mood And Motivation

In this article, you will read about: Natural dopamine boosters for mood and motivation. What does it refer to the term dopamine? Dopamine deficiency...
Fisher Wallace Device

Fisher Wallace Depression Treatment Device Review

According to a study of National Trends in the Prevalence and Treatment of Depression in Adolescents and Young Adults, one in five teens suffers...
Anxiety Disorders

Cannabidiol: The Ultimate Remedy for Anxiety Disorders

It is perfectly OK to feel anxious sometimes. We all do. Going through difficult stages in life can lead to increased stress and anxiety...
5 Great Hassle-Free Ways For Busy People To Destress

5 Great Hassle-Free Ways For Busy People To De-stress

Have you ever found yourself stumbling from one appointment to another, barely having the time to drink, eat, or even go to the toilet? Everything...
kava kava extracts

Kava Kava Benefits, Dosage, And How To Use?

In today's fast-paced world, increased responsibilities lead to a life dominated majorly by the emotion of anxiety. To counter this emotion and gain control...
Oat Straw Tea

How Do You Make Oat Straw Tea?

Herbs are thought to be soothing, calming and relaxing. They are safer than synthetic drugs, which have a list of side effects. For someone...

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