Can You Use CBD Oil In A Vape?

CBD is abbreviated for Cannabidiol oil which is derived from the hemp plant. The CBD oil is legal in most countries due to the high content of CBD which is non-psychoactive along with the lowest content of THC, i.e., around 0.3%. In this article, the focus is on whether you can use CBD Oil in vape or not.

However, if CBD oil is derived from the marijuana plant, it comprises of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which is psychoactive and results in euphoric or high feelings.

It is gaining popularity regarding its all CBD oil benefits to the body and serves as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of diseases such as psoriasis, cancer, epilepsy, psychosis, high blood sugar levels, muscle spasms, depression and many others.

CBD Oil aids in balancing the hormones, help in stress reduction, reduce the inflammation, allows you to sleep well and has a positive impact on the metabolism of the body.

CBD Oil can be consumed in various ways which include oral ingestion, edibles, tinctures, topical like salves, balms, chews, vaping and many others.

So, before we jump onto the topic that whether you can use Cbd oil in a vape? What is vaping CBD?

What is vaping CBD?

Vaping CBDVaping is defined as the act during which the person inhales the vapor produced from the electronic cigarette or the vaporizer.

The gas is formed from the material which includes the concentrate, e-liquid or the dry herb such as hemp plant in case of CBD or the use of CBD vape juices or e-liquids.

Vaping has emerged as a convenient and preferred method for consuming the CBD among the health-conscious individuals. Vaporizers are devices which offer the individuals with a clean process of enjoying the CBD.

It utilizes the conduction or convection method for heating the waxes, dry herb and botanical materials till the vaporization point which is the temperature cooler than the combustion point.

The vaporizing procedure results in the formation of clean and pure vapors rather than the harmful smoke which can be safely inhaled and offer you with the beneficial effects.

The vapeable CBD is available in the form of oil which includes the substance termed as Propylene Glycol. It serves as a thinning agent that allows the mixture to form the wick easily.

CBD vaping serves as a perfect natural alternative to smoking in our everyday lives because of multiple reasons which include the following:

  • Stronger, faster and better.
  • Works efficiently.
  • Helps in relieving anxiety and daytime stress.
  • Better than smoking as vaping does not result in bronchitis or inflammation of the lungs.
  • Offers an individual with regular and small dosage.
  • 100% legal without any medical recommendations.
  • Discretion-you can easily hide it and use it in public places with the mild odor and easy access.

How to vape CBD e-liquid?

CBD e-liquidThere are three different and commonly used methods for vaping the CBD E-liquid. These are:

  • Mixed e-liquids,
  • Disposable products,
  • The concentrated solutions.

The CBD oil used for vaping works similar to the typically used e-liquids. The CBD e-liquid contains around 18,24 and 40 mg of CBD in each bottle.

There are a variety of flavors available in the market such as Mint, Mango, strawberry, Apple, and others. All you need to ensure is to add the e-liquid to the vape pen or the e-pipe, and your atomizer will do its work.

The atomizer heats up the e-liquid, and the vapors are formed which can be easily inhaled and enjoyed.

Vaping CBD includes the use of a vape pen which comprises of the cartridge system either replaceable or disposable ones. You need to start simple for vaping the CBD.

These essential tools for vaping CBD are more straightforward and easy to use. The starter kit includes the cartridge and a charger; you need to charge the base and thread the cartridge, now turn it on and enjoy.

When the battery is charged, the power is generated which heats the elements present in the atomizer which makes contact with the vaping material and leads to the vapor formation which is then inhaled.

Vape pens are very convenient for delivering the accurate serving size of the CBD according to the required puffs you want from each cartridge.

Another option for vaping CBD includes the purchase of the CBD E-juice which is readily available in different strengths such as 25mg of CBD in 10 ml bottle to as high as 500mg of CBD in each 10ml of the bottle.

You can also vape CBD with the help of a dabbing rig with which you can vaporize the concentrates of CBD isolate that is placed on the hot surface and then inhaled.

Concentrated solutions and CBD E-liquids are available in varying strengths similar to the regular e-liquids which are available with different levels of nicotine.

The effects of the cannabidiol become stronger due to the high mg of cannabidiol. However, bear in mind that the results vary from person to person along with the different ailments.

It is advised for the CBD users to begin their way up instead of starting from the high doses because it works best for the endocannabinoid system present all over the body.

Different studies suggest that each medical condition needs a certain amount of best CBD vape oil to be productive rather than the specific body weight.

Can CBD vape oil get you high?

Definitely No, because different studies conclude that chemical compounds present in the CBD oil suppress the CB1 receptors which are usually responsible for the high feelings. The CBD oil is intended to be used for medical purposes rather than the recreational ones.

The CBD oil has effects opposite to the TCH compound,i.e., the CBD is involved in the reduction of symptoms which include euphoria, short-term memory impairment, anxiety and others.

According to a research conducted in 2014, by the Guideline Development Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology, the efficacy of the THC and CBD contents were determined.

It concluded that THC results in the production of neurotransmitters leading to euphoric feelings, sedation, anxiety, delusions while CBD, on the other hand, did not show such symptoms.

Should I vape CBD or consume orally?

You can consume CBD oil by vaping as well as orally or mix it in beverages or foods. Vaping, the term which was intended to be used for CBD tinctures, but now most commonly used for CBD Vape oil.

CBD vape oil also known as CBD vape juice or CBD e-liquid is prepared to vape with the help of vape pen or e-cigarette.

They are extracted from industrial hemp which is entirely legal in theUS because of the low content of THC.

CBD vape juices can be consumed orally or vaped. However, some CBD e-liquids can be prepared by mixing the real juice or pre-mixed ones.

So, to conclude you can absorb CBD by vaping as well as orally, along with different other methods available for ingestion.

However, generally speaking, if you vape CBD oil, it is the fastest and the most convenient method of delivery for people who need the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD.

CBD vape oils have PG or propylene glycol which is considered safe by the FDA for inhalation. Some people might experience allergic reactions, inflammation, and irritation with the vape pens and e-cigarettes.

For the avoidance of such side effects, you can consider vape pens and e-cigarettes with vegetable glycerin rather than PG.

Where to find the top CBD vape oils?

Before you want to jump into buying the CBD vape oils, you must do your complete search regarding the best products available in market or online.

Be careful while buying the CBD vape oils because there are several retailers available in the market who promise to sale CBD vape oil worldwide such as healthy hemp, buycbd.Co, and many others.

However, these companies sell CBD vape oils which do not contain CBD up to mark for achieving the medicinal effects.

You might be wasting your money while buying these products online so try the best companies who sell the pure CBD oil and other CBD products such as:

  • Absolute Xtracts AC/DC 500mg CBD vape cartridge (THC 2.80% CBD 68.3%)
  • Moxie & Nevada Pure Goji D.C. CBD concentrate (Medical Cannabis Cup 1st Place, Best CBD Concentrate 2016)
  • Nature’s Lab Extracts (with Charming Farming) California Charlotte’s Web Shatter.
  • Bhang CBD Pure Oil 500mg 1:1 Cartridge (THC 41.50%:42.39%)
  • Crown Concentrates Anonymous CBD Nug Run Shatter (Medical Cannabis Cup 2nd Place, Best CBD Concentrate 2016).
  • Pop Naturals High CBD CO2 oil cartridge (THC 28.52%: CBD 36.81%).

Where to purchase the best CBD vape oils?

food storesFor purchasing the CBD vape oils, you have multiple options which include the following:

  • Smoke shops which sell the CBD oil locally.
  • Dispensaries which sell the CBD rich products, however, the dispensaries need to be licensed.
  • You might CBD vape oils in the health food stores.
  • Some gas stations also sell the CBD vape oils as the use of CBD is getting prevalent.
  • You can use google map to find out the most reliable CBD oil companies present near you.
  • Use Yelp or Yellow pages to search for the best local CBD oil stores.
  • You can also visit Walmart or GNC and online your CBD products from these stores.

The top-rated CBD Vape oils include the following:

  1. Koi CBD oil.
  2. Blue Moon Hemp CBD oil.
  3. CBDfx CBD Oil.
  4. Green Roads CBD Oil.
  5. CBD Drip.
  6. Halo Tracer V2 Refillable CBD Vape Pen.
  7. Halo Triton II starter kit.
  8. CBDfx disposable vape pen.
  9. Kandypens RUBI.


Vaping has gained popularity in today’s world as it is the convenient and the most potent way of delivering the CBD. The high tech vaporizers deliver the dose-specific and pure forms of CBD extracts.

The individual can enjoy the beneficial effects of Cannabis with the use of vaporizers without the harmful effects of smoking or combustion.

You can quickly adjust the temperature of vaping and control the inhalation of the active compounds present in the vaporizer.

You can enjoy the “entourage effects” of vaping as the terpenes, cannabinoids and synergistic compounds in the cannabis are preserved. So, to conclude you can use CBD oil in a vape without any harmful effects.

Can You Use CBD Oil In A Vape?
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